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Get High-Quality Galvanised Mild Steel Chain, Trusted by Several Industries!

At Lifton Chains and Tackles Pvt. Ltd., we are specialized in producing durable Galvanised Mild Steel Chains that have earned us a reputation as one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the country. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with advanced machinery and operated by skilled technicians who bring years of experience and expertise to the production process. We emphasize precision and quality control, ensuring that each hand chain is crafted to perfection.

As one of the premier Galvanised Mild Steel Chain Manufacturers in India, we take great pride in the quality and reliability of our products. Our commitment to using high-quality materials, operating a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, and conducting thorough product testing sets us apart as a trusted and preferred choice for our customers.

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Mild Steel Chain GR. 30

Sr. No. DIA OF CHAIN dn(mm) PITCH p(mm)
1 3 16
2 3 25
3 5 22.5
4 5 23.5
5 5 24
6 5 25
7 6 19
8 6 26.5
9 7.1 21
10 8 23
11 8 24
11 8 24
12 9 27
13 10 30
14 12 33
15 12 36
16 14 42
17 16 48

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Top Brands of Galvanised Mild Steel Chain - Preferred Choice for Superior Quality!

The performance and reliability of our Galvanised Mild Steel Chains have earned us high praise and appreciation from our valued customers. Industries and businesses across various sectors trust our products for their day-to-day operations, superior quality, and dependability of our hand chains. As one of the top Galvanised Mild Steel Chain Suppliers in India, we source only the finest Mild Steel (MS) for our chains, which are then meticulously galvanized to enhance their strength, corrosion resistance, and overall performance. This ensures that our hand chains can withstand rigorous usage, even in challenging environments. For more details about our Galvanised Mild Steel Chains, visit our website now.